I would just like to take this moment to remind everyone that Joss Whedon was once attached to a Wonder Woman movie, only for DC to pull the plug because they didn't feel Wonder Woman could work and that Joss Whedon's movies probably wouldn't make money based on Serenity's box office. » 5/06/14 10:44pm 5/06/14 10:44pm

I just don't CARE anymore. As someone who once daydreamed all the time of an amazing Halo movie, I'm beyond apathetic at this point. I've seen everyone from Peter Jackson to Steven Spielberg trotted out like a circus monkey for a Halo "movie", and Ridley Scott and David Zucker can now be added to the list of peopleā€¦ » 4/02/14 10:40pm 4/02/14 10:40pm